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Edge of the Cedars

EDGE OF THE CEDARS (EOC) is a Utah State Park in Blanding, Utah and is a Pre-Columbian Pueblo Indian ruin with a partially excavated Pueblo on a 16 acre site with a re-constructed Kiva. This was an agricultural village with six living and ceremonial complexes that was inhabited from 700 AD to 1,200 AD, where […]


Westwater Canyon

WESTWATER (CREEK) CANYON is the location of early Anasazi development. There is definite evidence that a Pueblo II site was here but was destroyed in the late 800s and re-constructed during Pueblo III period. It is believed the main construction of the ruin at this site took place about 1213. The layout of this ruin […]


Butler Wash Ruins

The BUTLER WASH RUINS were once a small Anasazi community also of the Pueblo III period. It was constructed in the 1200s and is also of the Mesa Verde style. This site was chosen probably because it is easily defended, and the inhabitants likely farmed further down the wash and in the bottom. Of the […]

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Mule Canyon Ruin

MULE CANYON RUIN is an open Anasazi site consisting of both above-ground and below-ground ancient Indian dwellings consisting of a block of 12 rooms used by two or three families. The restored kiva was the ceremonial center of the Anasazi community like today’s Hopi Indians. Additionally, there are remains of maybe a two story circular […]