How to Book a Tour

Choose a tour package, and contact us for availability at 435-485-0695

Please understand that the park is a wild and harsh desert environment so safety is of the utmost concern.

We want everyone to have a enjoyable time, and we’ll do our best to help you with all your needs.


  • A maximum of six (6) seated passengers allowed.
  • Reservations and 50 dollar deposit are required. Full payment required 72 hrs prior to Tour date. Full refund less deposit if cancellation before the 72 hr limit.
  • Pick-ups and returns are to hotel or point of origin.
  • Tour times are approximate and are from Monticello.


You can choose a tour package or we can charge $50/hr for one person and $25/hr for any extra per person. So if you don’t have a group it is fine because we can take you out to the park and then after the tour is over just pay for the amount of time. We can customize and accommodate you so please just contact us and we’ll work out a plan.


  • Driver/guide will supply bottled water but passengers should consider bringing water containers as well.
  • No eating in the vehicle is allowed. Glass bottles are also forbidden.
  • Comfortable clothing suitable for the weather and walking shoes are required – no open toes.
  • Camera, binoculars, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are recommended.
  • While outside vehicle, passengers are responsible for their own safety. Acknowledgment of Risk must be given.
  • All tour participants need to sign the following document. Download: PDF | Word


  • Tour No. 1 –  $300 *
  • Tour No. 2 – $175
  •              2A – +$50
  •              2B – +$75
  • Tour No. 3 – $300 *
  •              3A – +$175 *

* covers the entrance fee

All Prices are US dollars and charge per Tour group – not per person.

Taxes and entrance fees are included. Gratuities are not.