Mule Canyon Ruin

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MULE CANYON RUIN is an open Anasazi site consisting of both above-ground and below-ground ancient Indian dwellings consisting of a block of 12 rooms used by two or three families. The restored kiva was the ceremonial center of the Anasazi community like today’s Hopi Indians.

Additionally, there are remains of maybe a two story circular tower within a direct line-of-sight with the Cave Tower Ruins one mile to the southwest down Mule Canyon. The Cave Tower site consisted of seven round masonry towers surrounding a cave with a spring. All of the towers are in various stages of collapse – mostly rubble remaining.

Up Mule Canyon from these restored ruins are other Anasazi ruins. There are pictographs and 800 year-old ruins that have not been excavated or restored. The first ruin, 1.25 miles up the canyon, is the House On Fire.

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