Westwater Canyon


WESTWATER (CREEK) CANYON is the location of early Anasazi development. There is definite evidence that a Pueblo II site was here but was destroyed in the late 800s and re-constructed during Pueblo III period. It is believed the main construction of the ruin at this site took place about 1213.

The layout of this ruin is typical of the Pueblo III time. The broad flat area in the front was the location of the kivas with two story housing and storage rooms in the rear. Notice the rooms tucked into the ledge above. The masonry and overall design indicate that Mesa Verde Anasazi were involved.

Westwater Canyon is also the location of Nations Natural Bridge which is not as impressive as the bridges in Natural Bridges NM, and is part of Blanding’s Nations of the Four Corners Park which has the Prayer Arch. This natural bridge is off of the Westwater South Trail.

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